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It is worth noting that the brunette is already full 26 years old. But on her face she looks several years younger. At the same time, the blue-eyed Russian girl has an ideal sports figure. So, for example, with a growth of 175 cm, it weighs about 60 kg. However, despite her high stature, her breasts and ass are tiny. But the vagina is always smoothly shaved. It is worth noting that the celebrity was included in the rating TOP 100 webcam models of the Bongakams site.

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In her private recordings, Smilym shows a webcam show on a variety of topics. For example, a girl can show how she plays with dildos or butt plugs. But you can also see real sex with the model. At the same time, sex itself can be very different. Among other things, anal, vaginal, deep blowjob, cumshots, squirt, striptease, fingering and the like are demonstrated. But you can just chat with the beauty on any topic. Link to her private account here .

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