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Hot and sexy photos of Audrey Tautou – French actress from «The Jesus Rolls» movie.

This future star was born in 1976. She was fond of biology in the childhood. But the parents insisted on more creative profession. So, Audrey went to music school, and also took some acting courses. Her acting career began in the mid-90s. However, in the beginning there were not big roles in the series. She got her first role in a feature film in 1996 in the film «Coeur de cible». But now she has than 40 roles in various films and TV shows. The most famous of them are: «Amelie», «Da Vinci Code», «Open at Night» and «Eternity». She also has a lot of prestigious cinema Awards.

Photos of naked Audrey Tautou

In her youth Audrey Tautou often posed naked for various French adult magazines. But much tastier moments can be found in the erotic scenes of her films. For example, the star showed her naked chest in «Priceless» movie. But in «A Very Long Engagement» film she showed not only boobs, but also her ass with pussy without panties. In addition, Audrey’s hot sex scenes have been in other films. So, for example, in the movie «Le Libertin» you can admire lesbian games between naked Totu and Vaina Jokante. All these and other hot photos, where Audrey Tautou is naked, see below.

Одри Тоту в молодости

Одри Тоту обнаженная


Одри Тоту горячие фото

Одри Тоту засветила грудь на пляже



Одри Тоту в купальнике


Одри Тоту фото в купальнике




Одри Тоту голая


голая Одри Тоту

Одри Тоту в прозрачном лифчике

Одри Тоту в белье

Audrey Tautou nude

Audrey Tautou голая

голая грудь Одри Тоту


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